Monday, October 12, 2009

Michael Jackson 'This Is It'

His Music Reached Billions
His Dreams Inspired The World
But There Was Still One Dream
He Wanted To Share With Everyone

This is the moment we're all waiting for 'This Is It', Well I'm excited to watch this movie... The movie is only for 2 weeks in theaters worldwide... Starting on OCTOBER 28!!~ This is the event of a lifetime... so anyone interested to watch this movie with me after exam? I'm still planning the date.. Anyways, here's the trailer of the movie... Enjoy!~ =D

He's A Legend, The King Of Pop 'MICHAEL JACKSON'

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Is everyone ready? yes? mayb? no?
well anyways, I just wanna say to all my friends n my love one to study hard for the upcoming exam and i really hope tat we 4A3 will make it all to 5A3 next year. So remember guys study hard, cheat hard(but don't too HAHA!!) and all the best to u all~

Don't too stress =D



Hey there!! =D

this my 1st time blogging so i'm not really sure how to do it.. so i might need a little help...
i will keep this blog update if there is something new so keep in touch cause yong phang is gonna start blogging =D

i'm gonna find more things to type about and of course photos... how can i miss that xD

Keep In Touch~