Saturday, November 28, 2009

88 Steamboat A2/A3 Gathering

On the date of 20.11.09 4A2 & 4A3 have a gathering at 88 Steamboat at Bandar Baru Klang(BBK) the gathering is one of the best gathering of us enjoying the moment of us celebrating the end of our year in Form 4 and move on to Form 5 next year. Here is some shots of us celebrating it:

Our Arrival

The FOOD!! is buffet actually so we eat what we want to eat and here is some of the food =p

The moment we share our joy~ =D

The Surprise~

The happiest moment of both classes 4A2 and 4A3.. The best moment of our life having dinner together as a FAMILY =D


Monday, November 16, 2009

Football Competition



A2A3 vs S1S2


A2A3 vs S7A1


A2A3 vs S3S4

A2A3 vs S1S2

Final Match

A2A3 vs S1S2

''Infinity Victory FC''
are the Champion of the match


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Next Gathering For 4A3

For your information,
our class is going to have a gathering during the school holiday.
hope everyone can attend on that day.

Date : 20 November 2009
Time : 7 pm
Venue : Bandar Baru 88 Steamboat BBQ Buffet (next to lucky ten)
Fees : RM 19

Our dearest Cik Toon will be joining us too!
looking forward to this gathering.
we will have fun!
4A3 rocks! =)

(copy from Wann Jhuin's Blog to all 4A3)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Sorry guys it will take me more than 1 month time to update my blog... cause i just got a job so i may not be blogging till the nex month.. if u wan to visit me then go to Bukit Raja Jusco, Groundfloor at the main entrance near to Padini.. i'll be happy to see you guys there ^^ i work there just until 15 NOV then i will shift to other outlet(mayb help my aunt) =D

Sorry~ ^^"

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Brothers Moment

Sorry~ guys for the delay... This should be before the Tropicana trip cause i just receive this video recently today morning in school but just to make it more interesting i will put this silly moment of us having fun. =D

We we're actually invited to Hsiang Han's house for breakdance practice but it turn out to be something more than breakdance practice HAHA!!~

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ponteng To Tropicana

As you guys kno that monday is the 1st day of school but i was lazy to go school cause theres no exam and no class so i would rather stay at home. As my bro was thinking of going to Tropicana, Damansara Golf Club so i decide to follow him. In the same time, Keat Ping want to go too so my bro and me fetch him from his house and off to Tropicana.

We Arrived there about 2.00pm and the 1st thing we think of is FOOD!! but my bro didn't follow us... he went to the library so just Keat Ping and me. =D

We have Sprite and water as we wait for our food. We also do some stupid things while waiting...

Thats one of the example.. HAHA!!~

Here comes our FOOD!! chicken sandwich for me and fried kuey teow for Keat Ping. Look tasty or what? =p

As you can see we are actually enjoying our FOOD!!~ HAHA!!

After we finished our food we head to the locker room to keep our personal belonging before going to the pool.

This is what we saw before we enter the pool. Okay! off we go SWIMMING!!

Sadly we only got to swim for a while cause it was about to rain and the lifeguard call us up from the pool. We were bored thinking what to do sitting at the side of the pool.

Don't we look bored? or emo? HAHA!!~

Oh well, back to the locker room... We were waiting for the rain to stop.

Eventually, it didn't so we went to the gym but our pants are wet so we just do a little workout and we head to 'The Palm', the previous place we went to have our lunch but this time is with my bro.

After 1 hour of eating the 2nd ROUND!! , my bro got to go workout at the gym but our pants still wet so we didn't wanna go to the gym and go to the sauna instead. Pity Keat Ping he was caught by one of the staff that work there cause he was not a member but lucky i am. =D

Well, nothing really happen to us we just couldn't enjoy the sauna so Keat Ping and I went outside and wait till the staff couldn't bother to care about it anymore. Guess what?! we manage to go in the sauna. (SECRETLY) =D

Look at the FREAK!! JUST LOOK AT HIM!! HAHA!!~

At 6.00pm we head to the shower and clean ourselves up. Of coz we had our individual shower room.-(The purpose of this sentence is to avoid dirty thinking. =D) Okay!~ after shower is time to go home. We left the club at 6.30pm and on our way home we got lost when my bro fetched Keat Ping back. We were finding our way out. After 1 hour we manage to get Keat Ping home and after that my bro and I went back and HAVE OUR REST!! THAT HOW WE END OUR MONDAY!! =D