Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mercedes Showroom

On Saturday 5.12.09, My dad took my bro and i to mercedes showroom to see the new E-series and of course for a test drive. How would i let u guys miss that? Take a look at all the photos i took from the showroom. Hope you guys enjoy it. Peace!~ ^^V

Front view of the E250 Coupe(RED)
Side view of E250 Coupe(RED)
Back view of E250 Coupe(RED)

Perhaps Black??

Front view of E250 Coupe Front(BLACK)

Side view of E250 Coupe(BLACK)
Back view of E250 Coupe(BLACK)

If i'm not mistaken the car price is about Rm 480,000++

Going inside and this is what i saw

Front view of Mclaren
Side view of Mclaren
Back view of Mclaren
Top view of Mclaren

The Salesgirl said that in the world theres only 6 units of Mclaren and the price in Malaysia is RM6.8m so imagine how much will it cost in western country LOL!

Move on to the next one,

SL300 Back
SL300 inside

The car you have seen from the above is all the latest and rare cars.. Now what i want to show you now is a quick view of what i saw from the showroom which is slightly the same from the above...